Nightfall Passion Inspired By Hacivat Nishane

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The fragrance feels entirely modern, with juicy pineapple note giving the damp mosses and woods, and a touch of grapefruit keeping the tone fresh and outdoorsy. The pineapple note is rich and natural, rather than sporty or cheap. It is discreet, professional, clean and possessed of just enough bitter moss and woods for gravitas. A rare, classically built woody chypre with a contemporary edge, the fragrance just smells really wonderful and will make other people think you smell great as well.

Perfume Weather :
Winter : 50 %
Summer : 100 %
Day : 100 %
Night : 50 %

Extrait de parfum.

Main Accords:

1.Woody.           2.Citrus.           3.Mossy.
4.Fruity.             5.Earthy.           6.Sweet.
7.Fresh spicy.   8.Tropical         9.patchouli.


Top Notes
( Pineapple _ Bergamot _ Grapefruit) .
Middle Notes
( cedar _ patchouli _ Jasmine) .
Base Notes
( Oakmoss _ woody Notes).

Nightfall Passion Inspired By Hacivat Nishane - 100ML

LE 1,400.00